Monday, June 10, 2013


UPDATED:  New photos of finished project!

Its a June wedding -

I'm particularly fond of this one.  My beautiful niece is getting married, and I am designing and creating the wedding and reception.

I have a lot of adorable wedding projects to share - DIY is the name of the game here, you know...

The bride to be wanted her guest book to be similar to this Martha Stewart guest book:

But in her wedding colors....

So, we created our own adorable little envelopes and insert cards for her guests to jot down a wish for the happy couple or great marriage advice....

adorable, right?

I found the envelope template here.  It makes a pretty large envelope, so I sized it down until it was the perfect size.   We made the envelopes out of scrapbooking cardstock - in fact there were 5 beautiful colors of lavender to purple and they were all in the same package of 8x10 cardstock at Michaels.  I was able to get two envelopes out of one 8x10 sheet of paper.

Transfer your template to the paper.  You could also print it, but I traced each envelope because I was putting two on a page and I had to manipulate the position of the template to make it fit.

Cut out the envelope.  (I doubled up on paper, cutting two sheets at a time).

Using a straight edge or ruler, fold the envelope sides.  It's important to get these straight or square - and in the right spot... 
Crease or burnish the folds for a nice sharp edge
Fold the two long side flaps in and then the bottom flap up and glue into place.

DONE!  Now repeat 99 times.
Good thing I had helpers!

We made our own little cards to tuck inside.... 3" x 3-3/4" cards fit perfectly
We cut them from the same cardstock (the 4.5x6.5 inch version cardstock in packs)
and used Martha Stewart's lace edge paper punch to make them completely adorable.
(nice quality on the paper punch, by the way)

And they look super cute tucked into the envelopes with that lacy edge showing...

UPDATE:  See the finished project!

We added ribbon and a lacy rosette flower to the front of this plain black book
 We were able to fit 4 envelopes to a page, and used the opposite side to display photos of the happy couple.  The flowers accenting the page are 'Brides Confetti," from Michaels.
 The best part about this project is the wonderful keepsake we have created.
 Photos and wishes from friends and family.  What could be better?
The book was created especially for scrapbooks, the photos were attached with archival quality glue dots.  We used Recollections cardstock from Michaels - the package we purchased had 5 shades of purple - to create the envelopes.

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