Wednesday, June 19, 2013



My bride would tell you that her theme for the wedding is Lavender and Lace. 
I knew we could do lavender on her budget, but wasn't sure about the lace. 
Lace runners and tablecloths - even rentals - were too much to fit into the budget. 
Good thing we like to do things ourselves, right?

I started looking at lace yardage - even went to the wholesale fabric district in Los Angeles -
but everything was too costly. 
Where, I asked myself, could I find the kind of lace that is made into sheer lace curtains? 
That would be perfect....
washable, ivory toned, just right for the touch of lace I needed
 to make my bride happy....

About right now you are probably saying "Well, duh!" 
[It took me a little longer]

Why couldn't I actually use lace curtains? 

I often tell to look outside of the box when it comes to fabric. 
Just because it looks like a table cloth or curtain, doesn't mean it has to stay that way. 
In the end, its just fabric. 
So when I found these 60" wide x 84 long ivory lace curtain pairs for around $17, 
I got a little excited. 
At 60 inches wide, I calculated I could get 3 runners from one panel. 
6 runners from a pair of curtain panels
for $17
Definitely within budget! 

I ordered online, and when the curtains arrive I was pleased to fnd they were quite pretty!   
I removed the hem and rod pocket stitching to extend the length by about 6 inches. 
Then I divided the panels into three long runners (about 20 inches wide each)
and sewed a quick hem around the edges.
Straight sewing - nothing fancy or difficult

I needed just 3 pairs of curtains for 18 runners,
but purchased a couple more for other areas I wanted to throw a little lace around...

I'll update this when I have pictures of them in use....  
just a few days away....
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