Tuesday, June 11, 2013


My June bride and her groom-to-be had an amazing natural light photo shoot for their engagement by Shawna Henrie at Bleudog Floral & Foto.

We decided to use them as 8x10's in black and white, framed in Ikea Ribba frames, at the reception.  The Ribba frames are substantial and have a nice mat around the image.   The mat is ph neutral to preserve your precious images, and the frame comes in both table top and wall sizes.  [We chose black, but they also come in white.]

These photos in their frames will make a beautiful wall grouping for their home together after the wedding.   You can find them here - great prices too.

I decided to mimic the same look in a more casual, fun way for the table numbers.  Ribba frames in 5x7 size (black) and large black numbers - oh, and Sebastian - and we were ready for our silly photo shoot.  This time I was the photographer... so it was definitely amateur hour - but I think they turned out okay....

Again, I changed them to black and white and did a lot of cropping.... ha!

 I think this next one is my favorite....

with the wedding just under two weeks away... you won't have to wait long
to see the finished product!

Don't you love DIY?

NEW INFO 6/19/13
Just a quick update so you can see how these turned out!

After printing the photos, I put them in the frames and of course, they were adorable! 
I decided to add a little bling -

Now they will stand out on the tables....

Oh, I'll mention again - Ribba frames.  Available here.  I like these because they are deep enough to stand up on their own.
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