Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We definitely didn't want them to be boring.

And we had this beautiful photograph by Bleudog Foto.

And this inspiration.

So we copied.  
We have no shame.

The hardest part was finding the right font to print the program - which we did on vellum to insert into the program cover.  The cover was cardstock in one of the bride's colors.  Recollections cardstock had five shades of purple - Purple Passion - that was perfect for our programs.

8x10 sheet of cardstock folded in half and burnished for a crisp fold - couldn't be simpler.

 We printed our own photos.
You could save some time and pay to have them done,
or do it yourself, as we did.

I printed the photos just 1/2 inch smaller than the packs of 6.5 x 4.5 inch cardstock by Recollections,
so that they could have a contrasting color border.
[They had the same 5 colors as the larger 8x10 cardstock.]

I tried them both ways, but
I really liked the white border on the photos

Ready to glue!

I printed the actual program and acknowledgements on vellum paper
also by Recollections.

I folded the cardstock in 1/2 and also the printed programs
and created a little cardboard template to make sure I punched the holes the same each time
(make sure you punch 1/2 of a hole right on the edge)

 so that the ribbon can be threaded in the center
 and tie a pretty bow...
 Ready to go.....
So pretty!
Tucked into a generous basket ready for the big day....

What do you think?
I think they turned out great!
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