Sunday, February 10, 2013



A good enough reason to create a wedding around it
But take into consideration the range of color from purple to nearly blue
the heavenly fragrance
(which by the way helps you sleep)
which can be used in soaps, oils, perfumes, hand creams and food
and you have so much more than just a flower
to inspire your wedding

I'm in the process of planning a 'lavender' themed wedding.  The herb is the inspiration in this case.  My lovely bride adores the fragrance, the fact that it is an herb, edible, and that it is beautiful
I've been collecting a few Lavender inspired ideas to fuel our imagination
so I thought I'd share them with you...

[this type of bouquet?  add lavender.]

[this for boutonnieres - less rustic]

[love the brooch on this
and the different shades of lavender
similar for bridesmaids?]

[inside decoration?]

[for the sweetheart table
in lavenders?]

[this would be amazing in white roses and lavenders]

must do this at the tables
would be so fragrant as the lavender warms

have to find a way to use these - sooo pretty!

What would you choose?

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