Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jessica's Wedding Ideas

My sweet bride to be Jessica has asked me to help with her special day,
and I'm happy beyond words to help her out.
I posted some inspiration photos to determine her likes and dislikes and
get a handle on her personal style

She likes the colors in peacock feathers, wants to use the actual feathers throughout her wedding and reception, and selected the color jade for her bridesmaids dresses.

I love personalizing a wedding with vinyl decals
they go on easily
come off without damaging surfaces

I like to use them on any glass doors or windows at the entry. 
It works better than a sign to announce 'the celebration is here'
and it is always so amazing for the bride and groom
to see their name as husband and wife for the first time at the reception

My bride Jessica chose to do this on her dance floor
it offers great photo opportunities

I used vinyl on the doors, dance floor and to place the phrase "happily ever after" on a large mirror at a wedding I did in Dallas here - and "just married" in the back window of the getaway car

it was so cute - and surprisingly inexpensive

Depending on what time the wedding is, or the reception, magic is to be had with a little candlelight.  Pump up the romance with glass votives flickering a welcome

they will look lovely hanging from ribbon in your wedding colors

more candlelight should be sprinkled about on tables and, if possible
above them...
we actually added them to the centerpieces at this wedding

 tables should GLOW with light

I never realized the variety of color
found in peacock feathers

blues, teal, plum, purple, jade, lime, olive and gold and sometimes brown
to translate that to flowers can be challenging
since there are few blue flowers
Purples, aubergines and plums are available and plentiful
so are greens

blue is rare

there are some floral spray paints that work well if used carefully
but there are other flowers to consider
and peacock feathers to tuck in among them
I love the succulents
with tulips, callas and dahlias

hydrangea, orchids, callas, delphinium

orchids, roses, lisyanthus, calla

My bride, Jessica, likes the boutonniere in photo #1 below
it's colorful - but masculine
no flowers are needed here for color!
I love these clever boutonnieres
incorporating peacock feathers with palm fronds, velvet and silk leaves,
real leaves, berries and sometimes flowers.

its amazing the kind of color a feather can inspire

Centerpieces need to be either low enough to see over,
or high enough to see under
I like the tall option when using peacock feathers
because it allows them to drape down elegantly...

For tall arrangements you can use a glass or iron candlestick
(see below example)
or glass vase or cylinder
the actual arrangement sits on top of the candlestick or vase in an oasis
no water is necessary in the glass
although certain effects are better with water added

Jessica has chosen tall glass cylinders or vases, and I'm considering using the empty glass vase to display a beautiful peacock plume...


Jessica already has her paper goods and printer material taken care of, but I couldn't resist showing you these amazing and beautiful peacock feather themed invitations, programs and placecards - just for fun.

I love the real feather embellishment on the card above and the guest signature book below

 and this placecard is simply perfection!

Jessica's 8 bridesmaids will be wearing this dress in vibrant Jade

Wouldn't these look amazing in their hair?

Jessica's beautiful dress

Other embellishment ideas - fabric flowers for dress sash or hair

and peacock feather adorned garters... with rolled fabric flowers
to make your own, check out the tutorial for a basic garter at
and for how to make the rolled flowers check out this helpful tutorial
all you need to add is the peacock feather!

look at this clever peacock brooch - or perhaps hair accessory
and the shoe accessory below
looks simple enough to do it yourself!

White linens are always a classic.  A pop of color is a welcome addition with chair sashes
Jessica has chosen a more neutral color of champagne for her linens
so our centerpieces can be very colorful!
Incidentally, she also liked this centerpiece the best.  I think I can capture the essence of this centerpiece, but I would remove the stems from the vase
and add a few more flowers and a few less twigs
I'm excited to create something fabulous!
A pop of fabulous color can be added through specialty fabrics
and even if your table linens are neutral white or beige
beautiful fabrics can be added to significant areas - such as the head table
the cake table, the guestbook area, or the banquet tables.

For just a few yards of fabric you can create a stunning effect.
Sometimes the fabrics you use on the table makes a huge
difference in your overall wedding design.  I'll be on the lookout for some fabulous
peacock feather inspired fabrics....

this is where Jessica's wedding will take place
another area that needs some decoration.

this is nice, but it needs a little more -
the decorations are barely noticable.
I'm playing with some ideas for this area
Like adding flowers where the draping connects with the trees
or some cascading pompom tissue flowers
because this area needs some serious peacock feather color

there are some other areas that need floral arrangements
like the guest book area
and the staircase
and perhaps a few other places in the reception hall
and I'm thinking of using these amazing feather wreaths
on urns with florals and twigs coming up through the center
I need to start sketching ideas...

More later!


Here is a how to on the wishing trees - just in case you need it.
I can also order the hurricanes and crystals if you need them and have them shipped to you.  (We can put it together for you day of if you want, as well.)

let me know if you need crystal garland

Here are some sketches.  Top is the centerpiece sketch and below is the larger arrangement.  The centerpieces will have peacock feather colors as well as feathers and twigs.  The vase will have water in it, but no stems.  Glass pebbles at the bottom will cover up a submersible light which I'll show you below.  It should make the whole vase glow with light.

The larger arrangements are clear glass urns or apothecary jars with no stems.  It is topped by a peacock feather wreath, flowers and twigs.  We can light these as well, if you wish.
These are the choices for centerpiece glass.  They cost about the same.  Let me know your preference.
The submersible lights can be white or colored.  Here are the color choices, and since the venue is washing a wall in color, it might look cool to have it colored...

vase filler

colored lighting in vases (our pebbles won't float like this)
This is peacock feather wreath.  Really excited about using this - amazing

These are the tissue flowers or pom poms

I thought they might look cool outside... kind of like this - do you like it?  It would be super cheap and we could get the bridesmaids to make them...

And,....I need to know which  vinyl decal style you prefer.

and do you want that repeated on the doors or do you like it more like this...
and are there one or two doors at the entrance?

Let me know your preferences!


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