Sunday, October 9, 2011


The growing trend for weddings in tables is LONG
And I have to say, I'm a fan
Round tables have their place, but I'm a little bored of them
and more and more brides are adopting the design flexibility of the banquet table

Here are a few reasons:
More efficient use of space and more unique table setting opportunities

chairs are important with this type of seating

they fit well under canopies

or under arbors or trees

florals look amazing on them
intimate weddings

they are more condusive to interesting overhead lighting techniques
style me pretty
all of your guests are closer to you and to each other - for a more intimate setting

style me pretty
the look is amazing

more room for dancing
easier linens

style me pretty

can be so elegant

the book of secrets
or so rustic and casual

whipper wedding
more candle space - greater impact 

more opportunity to create ambiance

our version - black linens, yellow and white flowers, burlap runners

what do you think about long tables?

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