Thursday, April 7, 2011


A wedding is a very BIG undertaking.  
Groomsman Heaven
There are hundreds of decisions to be made,
 thousands of details to take care of,
 and a budget hanging overhead through it all.
Unless you have a vision and the creativity to make it real-
it can end up looking a little pasted together -
not the flawless event you dreamed of.

I started this wedding blog to aide those heading down the aisle in planning their dream event. 
 I've designed a few weddings over the years. 
Well, more than a few -
and I've learned a few things...  the most important one being
no bride ever dreams of having a mediocre wedding
  We dream of the fairy tale

Elizabeth Leighton Photography
The trick is in creating the fairy tale within your budget.   

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, instruct and share. 
Don't be afraid to dream the dream  
I firmly believe it can be done without breaking the bank
or racking up a mountain of debt to start your new life.

When I'm planning a wedding, I look for inspiration to begin the process. 
Just one beautiful thing can be the spark that ignites the design of a whole wedding.

For Ciera's wedding, it all started with the dress.
Well, not so much the dress, as this little adorable detail. 

The ice pink sash with
the pearl and rhinestone detail

Ciera and her mother live in Dallas.  That's not commuting distance from Orange County, California,
so I sent her a few sketches - scribbles really - to see if we were on the same page...
Sketch of Cake Decoration for Ciera's Wedding
amazingly she was able to interpret my chicken scratches - like my idea for the cake above -
and loved them

So I made them come true

What is your inspiration?

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