Sunday, October 6, 2013



I never believe brides when they tell me that they aren't particular about flowers or decorations.
Its the stress of the moment.
Its having too much on your plate.
Its trying to finish one life and start the next
and the details are just too much at that point in time.

So when Nikki said that to me, and said she just wanted to get married and get on with her new life with her sweetheart, I let her talk.... and then started plans to make it beautiful.

One thing she was particular about was color:  beach sunset colors - orange, magenta, pinks, purple....

And as the wedding drew nearer, it was clear she may not have known exactly what she did want, but she did know exactly what she didn't want.  And believe it or not, that helped immensely.

Shawna Henrie helped create the florals.  Her bouquets were spectacular as usual.  She is also a very talented photographer and did the photography for this wedding and reception.  Its good to have talented friends!  Check out her website and her portfolio here.

Family and friends pitched in to set up and decorate the spacious garden and patio area.
In the end it was a beautiful garden reception.

After dark, it was magic....

Isn't she beautiful?

And the bride - and the groom - really did care.

Just like I knew they would.

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