Saturday, September 7, 2013



I confess I like to keep tabs on my brides - I get very attached and love an update now and then as they grow through life and have adorable children... some marriages have fallen to statistics but most are still happy stories.

 Kristin is a happy story

with a twist...

She recently made the news.  

Not long ago she discovered she had a particularly nasty form of breast cancer. 
I followed her struggle and her triumph through surgery, 
chemo treatments and radiation with growing admiration.
 She faced the inevitable and shaved her head early
with the help of her sweetheart, Kurt 

Although fear must have been present, it was never apparent. 
She is an inspiration of faith and courage.

Kristin squared off on cancer with her fists up and ready.  
Her facebook posts were always positive.

She embraced colorful hats and scarves,

and rocked equally crazy colorful socks 
to keep her feet warm during chemo treatments.

She shared it all, 
endured it all,
 and still managed to write her first novel - The Others -
 soon to be published.

Here is her press release.

Her website:

pre-order her book here:

Her Blog:

You will love getting to know her.

 I can't wait to read her wonderful book!

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